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 K24 Info Thread

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Cajetaaa!!!! (7000rpm)
Cajetaaa!!!! (7000rpm)

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K24 Info Thread

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This is for future information for myself as well as others. Please feel free to add.
Most of this info has been borrowed from other sites as a colab for this site.

Block Choices

All have 2354cc of displacement and 87mm bore and 99mm stoke

K24A1 (PPA), CRV (LRD)
160hp @ 6000rpm / 162lb-ft @ 3600rpm
Redline: 6500rpm
Compression: 9.6:1

K24A2 (RBB),TSX (CL)
200hp @ 6800rpm / 166lb-ft @ 4500rpm

*K24A3 (RAA), Accord (03+ CM, 5th Gen V6 and Wagon CE)
160hp @ 5500rpm / 161lb-ft @ 4500rpm

*K24A4 (PZD), Element (YH)
160hp @ 5500rpm / 161lb-ft @ 4500rpm

Some info on the Cranks
Code -- Bore -- Stroke - rod length - crank throw - journals - weight
k20a - 86mm - 86mm --- 139mm ---- 43.18mm ---- 20mm --- 38lbs
k24a - 87mm - 99mm --- 152mm ---- 49.53mm ---- 20mm
RDX -- 86mm - 99mm ----- ? --------------------- 20mm
F22c - 87mm - 90.7mm - 149.65mm --------------- 24mm
F20c - 87mm - 84mm --- 153mm ------------------ 24mm

Stock deck height
K20 212mm
K24 231mm?
F20C 224mm

Conbustion Chamber volume
K24 53.5cc
K20A/A2 50.7cc
K20A3 48.0cc - from JE
F20C 53.6cc +/- 0.2cc

K20 86mm
K24 87mm
F20C 87mm

k20 86.0mm
k24 99.0mm
F20C 84.0mm
F22C 90.7mm
H22 90.7mm
F22C 106.0mm (inline pro stroker)

*IPS offers 86mm, 88.5mm, 90.7mm, 93.2mm, 96.5mm, 99mm, 101.6mm stroke options for K24

Piston speed in feet per second @ 8,500 rpms:
B16 - 4,317 fps
F20c - 4,685 fps
K20 - 4,797 fps
B18c - 4,864 fps
B18a/b - 4,963 fps
H22 - 5,059 fps
H23 - 5,299 fps
K24 - 5,522 fps

Rod length
k20 139mm (5.473") (rod/stroke = 1.62)
k24 152mm (5.984") (rod/stroke = 1.54)
F20C 153mm (rod/stroke = 1.82)
F22C 149.65mm
H22 143mm (5.630")

Rod BE Diameter
K/H/F 51mm

Rod Journal width
K20/24 19.8mm (0.780") BE width
H22/F20 23.8mm (0.938") BE width

rod journal diameter
K/H 48mm BE

Will except K20 head (straight bolt on), yes/no and why.
K24A1 (crv) - yes
New Compression Ratio:
K24A2 (tsx) - yes
New Compression Ratio: Around 10.2:1 ?
*K24A3 (element) - no, valve clearance issues
New Compression Ratio: As stock cannot be used, compression depends on choice of aftermarket.
*K24A4 (accord) - no, valve clearance issues
New Compression Ratio: As stock cannot be used, compression depends on choice of aftermarket.

K20/K24 hybrid info-

Stuff that dosen't work:
K24A4 Pistons, Oil Pan

K24 Block (type dosen't matter, K24A2 (TSX) has oil squirters)
K24 Timing Chain + Guides
K24 Water pump
K24 Timing cover
K24 Headgasket
K24A2/A1 rods and pistons (or other aftermarket)

CRV Timing mount

K20 Head
K20 Oil pan, pump and chain (pump needs to be modified for the K24A4 oil pan)
K20 Crank baffle
K20 Alternator
K20 Thermo housing
K20 Starter
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K24 Info Thread
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